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What is Pandapé?

Pandapé is a recruitment and selection software, in which companies use to add technology to the selection processes. The digital platform that fits into the Applicant tracking system or ATS category enables HR to have more assertiveness in selecting and managing all stages of recruitment.

Does Pandapé have anything to do with Infojobs?

Pandapé is a recruitment software developed by Infojobs, with the objective of facilitating the routine of the recruiter, automating operational work so that the Human Resources area is more strategic.

How do I apply?

Enter the Company's Work With Us page. There you will find the list of active jobs, as in the example below:

Wireframe Job List

When accessing the offer, click "APPLY TO THIS VACANCY":

Wireframe Job Apply

Enter your email and click "CONTINUE":

Wireframe Job Apply 2

Once this is done, you will be directed to completing your virtual resume before confirming your application.

Important: If you have your resume registered in Infojobs, you can import all the information that is registered there! But be careful, we advise you to check if your registration in Infojobs is up to date before importing the data and confirming the application for the pandapé job.

If you choose to import your CV registered in Infojobs, just click "IMPORT DATA":

Wireframe Infojobs

If you do not have a prior Infojobs profile, simply fill in the requested information (e.g.: Personal Information, Educational Background, Experiences).

After completing the completion, read and accept the terms and click "SUBMIT APPLICATION":

Wireframe Legal Terms

Finally, an email will be sent requesting your confirmation via a link. By clicking on it, your participation in the selection process will be confirmed!

How to follow the selection process I am participating in Pandapé?

It is important to reinforce that communication with candidates during the selection process is the responsibility of the company that is open.

Anyway, all follow-up is done via email. At each step evolution, the candidate is notified by email. Therefore, it is always valid to reinforce the importance of keeping you up to date and observing secondary email boxes such as Spam, File or Recycle Bin, for example.

I didn't get feedback from the company. What's next?

Companies that publish their jobs at Pandapé are oriented on good practices and the importance of returning candidates. We would like to remind you that our main objective is to be a tool of meeting between candidates and companies, so the actions carried out on the site are done by the advertising companies themselves, whether in the selection of CVs, change in the status of applications, until the call for interviews.

When I apply for Pandapé, is my data protected?

We comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), so your personal data is safe! If you have any questions about the use of your data, please contact us through Contact Us.

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